Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello friends - 

I just re-read my last blog post and realized I'm in a better place than that now so that's a positive! 

Not often do I have to admit failure fortunately but I do want to report that my attempt at going back to school his semester failed miserably and I had to drop the class I was taking. I was trying to do an online class (which I should know better) and got too far behind to catch back up. 

I couldn't dedicate the time I needed to and also put in the necessary time at work and have a social life. I wasn't compelled by the class material which also gave me the realization that I'm not passionate about the subject matter. All of this pondering made me realize that I need to re-evaluate the whole Masters degree program I'm in and whether I should change to a different program. 

I have not settled on an answer yet to any of the above. 
Is 37 too young to be having a mid-life crisis? 

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