Thursday, October 9, 2014

First Avenue Heartbreak

I experienced my first show at First Avenue last night that I didn't love. 

The artist was Banks. I love her album and was super excited for the show especially because I love that venue. 

She was nervous - that was obvious from the start. Understandably I felt. About 10 minutes into the show though it became obvious that she was lip synching. How disappointing. I don't know that I've ever been to a show where the artist lip synched before. 

The crowd was also something to be desired. All sorority girls and bros from the U. All obnoxious and rude. I just really hate it when people get there when the show is starting and push their way up to the front. And don't get me started on the couple basically having sex right next to me. 

All in all - not the best show and definitely a let down. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Baaaaaaack!

I was talking to someone the other day that I know only from social media (never met in person) and they mentioned that they had read one of my blog posts and I thought to myself.......oh, that's right, I have a blog! 

I am officially a Minneapolis resident as of August 8th or thereabouts. The place that I had mentioned in my previous blog post did not work out but it led to finding an even better place that I absolutely adore in the Longfellow area. Getting unpacked has proven to be a challenge - as I have been traveling so much the past couple months for business and pleasure that I have barely been home long enough to unpack much. I am making progress though. 

Took my first trip to the Badlands and the Black Hills at the beginning of August. I didn't really know what to expect and was absolutely blown away by the beauty and energy. The Badlands definitely has an other worldly feel to it. Will definitely not be my last trip to South Dakota. 

Let's see.....been going to lots of really great shows lately. War on Drugs, CHVRCHES, Ty Segall, to name a few. Caroline Smith and Lizzo absolutely blew my mind. I have huge lady crushes on both of them - so talented and beautiful. 

Oh - it was my birthday since the last post! I am now officially 37 years of age - well as of today, 37 years and 2 months. Birthdays are great - its a nice time to recognize that I am blessed to have lived this long and experienced what I've been able to experience...too many people don't have that opportunity. I am also not ashamed to admit my age or lie about my age - why would I do that? Every year gets better and better anyway. 

Current love life status: Hiatus for the month of October with the exception of a special someone that lives in Nebraska. Currently occupying my mind is the logistics of really liking someone that lives 6 hours away. 

Looking forward to this week: Banks at First Ave, Dirty Dancing Musical, and the big event of the week....The Twin Cities Book Festival on Saturday. 

Well....thats probably enough for this blog post.