Monday, March 30, 2015

The Online Dating Chronicles

Online Dating. 
Tinder, Match, Eharmony, Okcupid, J-Date, Christian Mingle...the list goes on and on. 
Does anyone meet organically anymore in this era of e-everything? 
My last relationship ended almost a year ago - since then I've had some variety of involvements, all of which have been initiated primarily by Tinder. 

Tinder is a very simple and efficient way to make connections and find people that you may want to have a date with...or perhaps something else. Some may even say that it's no different than Twitter or other forms of social media. 

Well after being back on Tinder since December or so, I'm calling it quits...or maybe more specifically, I'm going to stop trying and use it for entertainment only. Tinder for me has been a good tool to meet dudes that are not emotionally or otherwise available - I think the efficiency of it lends itself to the pervasiveness of those types of folks using it. 

So, I'm changing things up a bit and decided to join eHarmony so I could do a little compare and contrast. It's no secret I'm in the market for a relationship - I've done the "casual" thing long enough and it's exhausting. 
I'm curious to find out what might be different about using a paid service versus a free site. 

I will be posting my observations and commentary here - feel free to follow along. 



Hello friends - 

I just re-read my last blog post and realized I'm in a better place than that now so that's a positive! 

Not often do I have to admit failure fortunately but I do want to report that my attempt at going back to school his semester failed miserably and I had to drop the class I was taking. I was trying to do an online class (which I should know better) and got too far behind to catch back up. 

I couldn't dedicate the time I needed to and also put in the necessary time at work and have a social life. I wasn't compelled by the class material which also gave me the realization that I'm not passionate about the subject matter. All of this pondering made me realize that I need to re-evaluate the whole Masters degree program I'm in and whether I should change to a different program. 

I have not settled on an answer yet to any of the above. 
Is 37 too young to be having a mid-life crisis? 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Night

Last week was rough. 
So many sources of, school, landlord from hell. 
I hope this week is better and I can cope with the stress better. 

One other fantastic as a social community is that I have and as awesome as being single can be, slogging through the challenges of life by yourself can be exhausting. 
I'm so tired of being single. 

My personal life misery index is indicating that I might be approaching a major life event - perhaps a big move. 

Stay tuned. Have a great week friends.

Monday, March 2, 2015

San Francisco!

Two blog posts in one week....wait, what???!? 

Current status: Flying back to Minneapolis from San Francisco - on board wifi is the best thing.

Just a quick post regarding my little vacation in San Francisco - three incredibly busy days filled with sightseeing, food and coffee. 

The city is truly incredible - my favorite places that we visited were Muir Woods, the Ferry Building and the Golden Gate Bridge look-out. 

The city feels like a sunnier and brighter New York City. So many incredible neighborhoods - I felt safe every minute and could definitely see myself living there. 

Definitely want to put it on the short list of places that I would like to spend more time in. 


P.S. For some strange reason, I have been missing Nebraska guy like crazy lately, but what to do about that?