Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Post Wednesday!

Trying to get in one post a week - trying to do better! 

Life is crazy as usual. 
I continue to commit to not running myself ragged but then somehow my calendar fills up! 

Northern Spark weekend was incredibly rainy (I'm talking monsoon-like weather!) but it was fantastic! 
We ran around all night - we visited MCAD, Weisman, Northrup Auditorium, Walker - and then finished up the night with a pancake breakfast at Uptown Diner. Even though the weather was horrendous, it was awesome to see so many people enjoying art in the middle of the night. 
Thankfully I had nothing to do all day on Sunday because it took me the whole day (and Monday) to recover from staying up all night - I'm definitely too old for that on a regular basis! 

My working on myself initiative continues - started barre class a week ago and am loving it! Barre combines pilates and ballet and even though I've only gone three times so far, I can already tell a different in my posture and core strength. 
I also tried Stand Up Paddleboarding for the first time! What fun! I actually stood up on the board - I would post a pic I promise you I did stand up and also I did not fall off once! (Which is saying something because I'm a huge klutz) I'm definitely going to try to do more SUP this summer. 

Oh.....big news. I have a date on Sunday. My first date (as far as I can recall) since the break-up with the dude. I'm ending my hiatus. It is time to get back on the wagon and put myself out there again. We will see what happens. My only concern with this guy is he LOVES the suburbs and I have pretty much the opposite feeling about the suburbs. But, he seems nice and so, here we go! 

Oh.....other big news! I'm moving to Minneapolis! I've lived in the Twin Cities since 2000 and have never lived West of the River - so its time! Notice has been given to landlord that I am vacating as of 8/31 - let the apartment hunting commence! I have no clue where I want to live yet but I'm heavily leaning towards trying to find something in Northeast Minneapolis - I love the area and the vibe. 

This weekend coming up is crazy busy - Rare Book Show on Friday night, MPLS Blogger and Adam Turman garage sales, Lake Street Taco Tour on Saturday and Pride fest on Sunday! 
Watch for pics on my IG feed (rachel_651) from all my weekend adventures! 

Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday! 

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